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What kinds of TV technologies offer 1080p resolution? . If you're just making the leap to HDTV and find the higher end sets out of your price range, you shouldn't feel bad about going with an entry-level 720p model (just getting HD programming is going to make a huge difference). On the other hand an affordable TV that provides solid basics may just the right solution for your viewing pleasure.With that in mind, consider the 55-inch LG 55LH5750 TV.First off, you don't get 4K or 3D, this set provides 1080p display resolution additionally supported by LED backlighting and 60Hz screen refresh rate, which provides bright, colorful images.However, along with strong basic performance and physical connectivity (including 2 HDMI and 1 USB ports), the LH5750 also includes Smart TV features that allow easy access to streaming content (including Netflix, Vudu, HuluPlus, Amazon Instant Video, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, and more.) via Ethernet or Wifi connections. Smartest of them all Smart Hub and Smart Remote A new customizable Smart Hub interface allows you to switch from Live TV to streaming all with a single, smart remote. If none of those factors jump out at you as true priorities--and you're working on a tight budget and want to save some dough--a 720p set is going to do you just fine. Boundless design.


Move up to Panasonic's 50-inch models and you're looking at more like a $700 delta, with the 720p TC-P50X1 coming in around $1,000 and the TC-P50S1 selling for $1,700--though Panasonic's S1 series does feature more-efficient, higher-contrast NEO-PDP panels. Telephone Call an LG Support Representative at6512 0555Monday to Friday: 8.30am to 6.00pmSaturday: 8.30am to 2.00pmSunday & Public Holiday: Closed Email No time to chat?Send LG Support your inquiry With an LG Full HD TV, you can experience the transformative power of television. Alas, it was probably a poor title, because folks asked me to update that one as well. 1. Simple control over your entertainment with LG Magic Remote. Welcome back. As you move up the LCD-size chain, your 720p options basically disappear. Consumer Electronics Association 4K UHD SHOP 4K UHD TVS Samsung Authorized Reseller Benefits SEE DETAILS J.D. Image provided by Vizio Vizio's D-Series 40-inch and larger 1080p TVs offer up a lot of features and good image quality in a variety of screen sizes.For added picture quality support all the sets include 120Hz refresh rates with added Clear Action motion processing for a 240Hz-like effect (depending on the model), built-in WiFi and Vizio's Internet Apps Plus Smart TV platform (depending on model) and Full Array LED Backlight.The inclusion of Full-Array backlighting provides black levels that are deeper and more uniform across the entire screen surface, unlike edge-lit technology used in many inexpensive LCD TVs which is subject to white "blotching" and "corner spotlighting". Cars Car Reviews Best Cars New Cars Used Cars ..


How well a TV does or does not handle both of these processes is a big factor in how desirable it is--and something that casual shoppers often overlook, since, compared to the screen size or resolution, it's not as easy to show as a spec sheet bullet point. A few years ago I wrote a column about HDTV resolution and whether you should just buy a "standard" 720p/1080i set or pay the extra bucks for a higher-resolution 1080p set. Image provided by LG Electronics It is always great to have the latest and the greatest, but sometimes the price is just too high. The process of converting resolution is called scaling--sometimes called upconverting or downconverting. Get the app Learn More .

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